How things work in the family:

- we are called the 5sos fam
- literally one of the nicest, most chilled fandoms you will ever come across
- we want it to stay that way
- we don’t send hate
- we love each other a lot so don’t come in and try to change that
- some of us are going through bad…

I agree

Anonymous asked:


1) Sharahzad/Shazzy K. Warsame

2) Gemini

3)Fears; Ghosts, Trapped in an Elevator, Jackalopes

4)Love: Family, Phone, Baklava

5) BF: Sister

6)Last song I heard: Lost Boy- 5sos

7)Turn ons: Brown Hair, humour, sarcasm, broad shoulders

8) Turn offs: Uptightness, Serious, red hair, bragging

9)Underwear:Sky Blue

10)How many tatts/Piercings: 0